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Welcome to our website.

We are a breeding kennel of the beautiful breed called Boston terrier. It has been certified since 2010. We are full of ideals, dreams and wishes to come true. For a long time we were thinking about founding this breeding kennel. Now, we have a clear idea about what our kennel will be. We have a breeding plan, breeding philosophy, and we are also sure what to avoid doing in our work.
We have three beautiful Boston Terrier girls - Addison, Debborah and Amelia. Amelia is daughter of our Addi from litter A, it was a double-sided love at first sight, so we keeped her at our home and we believe that she will streghtnen our breeding kennel. Amelia is sister of Alex. Alex is also stud dog and you can see him on our site. He lives in Bratislava with his loving family. Addison, Debborah and Amelia are our three stud dogs. And we are looking forward to future plans.

However, before these two girls, Addison and Debborah, our family has had also different animals - Linda, Riky and several others. Each of them was unique and we learnt a lot from them. Please, read their small great stories.